Paint Pouring & Creating a Nature Mandala Workshop – 29th August 2022

Paint Pouring & Creating a Nature Mandala Workshop

In the morning’s Acrylic Paint Pouring workshop we learnt two techniques to create two wonderful canvases. The first technique was called a ‘dirty pour’ which involved pouring several different colours of paint pouring acrylic paint into a cup, then pouring over the canvas to reveal beautiful cells and an array of colours!

The second technique was called “Balloon Smash’ and this involved pouring 3 colours of the paint into a 50c sized blob on the canvas, and then using a semi inflated balloon to gently press into the paint on the canvas. The balloon creates some beautiful shapes within the paint!

In the afternoon we had a very relaxed and calm Nature Mandala class. We used a variety of seeds, leaves and flowers to create a beautiful Mandala.


Funded by the South Australian Governments – Department of Human Services  @humanservicessa