Art reach Downloads

Our Art Reach Care Packs are jam-packed with art activities for you to do at home. These care packs were initiated at the beginning of the Covid -19 lockdowns as a way to stay connected and be inspired.  Drawn from different resources and developed by the Artworks Community Studio team, they were posted out to our participants.
Explore each pack containing a selection of art activities and mental health resources. This series has continued with support from Wellbeing SA.

Care Pack 9

Care Pack 8

Care Pack 7

Care Pack 6

Care Pack 5

Care Pack 4

Care Pack 3

Care Pack 2

Care Pack 01

Art enables us to find ourselves and lose ourselves at the same time – Thomas Merton

What Our Participants Say

I just want to say that right at another lowest point in my life that the art care
package brought me hope and joy!

Lots to enjoy in the art pack, some of which my son wanted to engage in. I was excited and heart warmed yet again when the second pack arrived.

Congratulations to a great team who really have worked hard to keep creative community connected in a very difficult time.