Reconnect & Artworks – Making Zines Workshop

Making Zines

Zines are a small, self-published magazine made up of images, text or a combination of both.  They are designed to be easily reproduced, usually on a photocopier, and circulated.  The fun thing about zines is anyone can make them and you don’t need a lot of equipment to do it.  Grab your   scissors, paper and a glue stick and you are ready to get creative.

On Tuesday the 6th of September as part of Reconnect @ Artworks we held a Making Zines workshop, where participants got to make their own zine using a variety of different materials and techniques.  The zines could follow any theme.  Participants were asked to bring a long an old artwork that hadn’t gone according to plan so they could learn different ways they could rework them to create a new piece to put in their zine.

Overall the day went really well, with the participants really enjoying the zine making process and left wanting to make more.

Funded by the South Australian Governments – Department of Human Services