Get Online Week ~ Try One Thing 17th October 2022


Ever wanted to learn how to use Pinterest but not sure what it is or how to use it? 

Come and join us for Get Online Week 2022 launch morning tea, where you will learn how to use this amazing app.

What Exactly Is Pinterest Used For?

Think of Pinterest as a virtual pinboard or bulletin board, but with organisational and bookmarking tools.

If you’re interested in a subject, such as cooking or decorating, find images you like on Pinterest or on the web, and then save those images to your Pinterest bulletin board. Create multiple bulletin boards to catalogue your interests. For example, create a wedding board, a recipe board, and a decorating board.

You can then browse through Pinterest to find images to then pin to your boards digitally.

Pinterest is an amazing free resource to collate and share your ideas!

Monday 17th October 2022 ~ 10.30am to 12.30pm

Holly Cottage 2 Gates Road, Hackham 5163

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Funded through the Good Things Foundation Australia