Seven Days of Colour

Seven Days of Colour

7 Days of Colour was a fun and colourful project, where for seven days each participant was asked to take a photo of one or more objects of the same colour. Each day there was a new colour for them to photograph. They explored new and creative ways of seeing colour and learnt how to take a creative photograph and send in an email.

7 Days of Colour Testimonials

Rose  ‘Had a great time joining you all in this journey! and the memories associated with some pieces photographed…. thank you!’

Sophia “I’ve had so much fun’’

Alex ‘Such an engaging project! Fun and creative!’

Ami  ‘Love this little project!’

Kirstie ‘It was really fun to explore my garden and see what colours I could find.  Taking the photos was a relaxing experience and I enjoyed playing with composition.’’

Funded by the Australia Government through the Good Things Foundation (Australia)